Client Roadmap

Client Roadmap is a cloud-based “Client Project Management” software solution. Every time you work with a client, you help him manage their wealth goals, milestones and tasks.

Client Roadmap allows you to develop secure personal financial websites to collaborate effectively with your clients. Learn how to deliver twice as much as you do today in half the time and develop promoters to help drive the growth of your business

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In December 2013, we released our second eBook.  It focuses on Investment Management.  We cover a broad range of topics from managing risk, out performing investment benchmarks and winning large accounts by taking a more technical approach to how you manage money.  Click below for your free download.

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Sustainable Growth

“Initiating and sustaining growth for financial services entrepreneurs”
“I am frustrated to see the growth rate of financial services practices decline as they mature. It almost defies logic. As businesses grow, growth rates should increase, not decline.  Businesses should not plateau. They should experience ever-increasing growth rates as they mature and the powers of compounding take effect. From personal experience, I know how hard it is to initiate growth. It is a process of building client, personal and business networks. It takes time and is a lot of heavy lifting.” – Bob Simpson

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Mental Game Coaching

“When Mental Preparation Meets Opportunity”

In business and life, you will be presented with many opportunities. Being mentally prepared to face personal and business challenges will help you to achieve greater results and realize your potential. As a financial advisor, your goal should be to close the gap between your potential and and your current performance. Mental Game Coaching can help you learn to consistently create the ideal mental condition to enable you to perform at your best.

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Advisor Collaboration

Advisor Collaboration is a free virtual drop-in program for financial advisors and planners. We have set up a group on LinkedIn called “Advisor Collaboration” which is open to wealth planners, financial advisors and planners.  Through this group, you can participate in discussions that we initiate or start your own.

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What Makes Us Different

We combine practice management best practices with a sports psychology approach that has helped amateur and professional athletes to achieve peak performance.

We believe that working with a performance advisor or business coach should be a short-term engagement. You should not become dependent on that advisor. We believe that most advisors can achieve what they want within twelve months.

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Watch a 2 minute video on how Client Roadmap can change the way you manage client relationships