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This week we are highlighting one of our blogs that, based on our website analytics, has been very popular.  On February 7th, we posted a blog entitled, “Let’s Get Positive”.  Readership of this article is almost double our second most popular post, which suggests that it is not only being read but it is also being passed on to friends and colleagues.  The blog includes a 12-minute video from by Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage.  It has a number of great messages and is highly entertaining.  We have reproduced this article below.  Enjoy.

Let's Get Positive

How’s your day going?  Need a boost?

Below is a video from featuring Shawn Achor, “the winner of over a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University, where he delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard.

He is the CEO of Good Think Inc., a Cambridge-based   consulting firm which researches positive outliers — people who are well above average — to understand where human potential, success and happiness intersect. Based on his research and 12 years of experience at Harvard, he clearly and humorously describes to organizations how to increase happiness and meaning, raise success rates and profitability, and create positive transformations that ripple into more successful cultures. He is also the author of The Happiness Advantage.”

It is a 12-minute video that will definitely lift your spirits and make you laugh, so I would suggest it is a good investment.


The “Magic Questions” Series

We have added two articles to this series:  “How Can I Slow Things Down?” and “What Identity Am I Wearing Today?

If you ask an athlete how they felt during an outstanding performance, like Roy Halliday’s perfect game or playoff no-hitter, he will tell you that everything seemed to be in slow motion.  Magic Question “How Can I Slow Things Down?” can help you when you feel flustered or overwhelmed.

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, inspired Magic Question # 4:  “What Identity Am I Wearing Today?”  We are in control of the identity we wear each day but often do not understand the implications of the influence we have on others, based on the identity we choose.

Random Rant Series

I get really frustrated when I hear an advisor discuss “Firing Clients”.  This article discusses why “Firing Clients” is a bad practice (other than when you are dealing with “Bad People”).  I also discuss the practice of client segmentation and disengaging form unprofitable relationships.

Advisor Collaboration

Over the past two weeks, discussions in our LinkedIn group Advisor Collaboration have focused on “What did you learn by watching the Shawn Achor video The Happy Secret to Better Work. 

This week, we will be discussing “What topics would you like to see discussed on Advisor Collaboration?”.  If you have not yet joined, please consider joining.  Our motto is “No self-promotion or employment ads, just discussions that can help advisors build great businesses.”

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